Quality life?

What is your understanding and interpretation of quality life?

Is it only determine by high salary? by owning luxury car? Luxury condos? Bungalow? Luxury cars? Hugh savings and investment?

One of my friend is asking me why not working in overseas, so I can earn higher salary and enjoy good life in my home country later. Well! This is a good question to contemplate.

I remembered one of a good story shared by my teacher.

“The Fisherman is having a relaxing life. Early in the morning, he’ll go and start work after breakfast with his family. In the evening, he’ll enjoy his happy times with family and friends. Of course, he’ll also take a break once a week. The economist cum tourist seeing his way of living is unable to maximise his income. As such, the economist advice the fisherman to work harder, so, he can earn more money and enjoy good life later.

The fisherman asked the Economist, “What do you mean by good life?”

The Economist answered, “When you get good income, you can enjoy good life, to buy more ship and increase your wealth, to have vacation like what I am doing, relaxing in nice beach and spend time with family.”

The fisherman answered, ” Well! Sir, I am doing this daily, I am enjoying relaxing life in this beautiful beach and also spend my quality times with families and friends. I am having quality life now. Why should I wait for later? ”

Live your quality life by here and now! Future is too far away! Live well now!

My dearest friends, you can enjoy your quality of life here and now. Never procrastinate in the excuse of getting more wealth. Apparently, we are only using 30% of total wealth we are earning in life. Live life simple and minimalist, you need so less to live MORE!



7 responses to “Quality life?

  1. I am 71, and have followed your advice for at least the last 40 years or more and can say I completely agree with you.

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