The beauty of freedom…

One of my friend, she can’t stop her desire from shopping, she’ll keep buying clothes, shoes, bags and others even she had all this items. She still complain that she is lacking of something, perhaps colours, design and new arrival. She is so suffering without realisation that she is being pulled by her greed of keep chasing for material stuffs. She mentioned that this is her motivation to move forward and work harder. Well! All this not her needs, only wants and of course, she can’t be happy after owning one item, she’ll move to get another item. When is the cycle going to stop? It’s all depend on us.

Look at the bottles from one of the sunk ship. Stop chasing material stuffs! It can’t bring you ultimate happiness in life! Buy what you need and not your want. Enjoy serenity and peacefulness!

Imagine, your life purpose is only working hard, earn more money, buy more things and keep buying. Is it the purpose of life? Am I live my life in more peace, calm and enjoy the ultimate freedom? The more you want in your life, you are keep a far distance from peacefulness and freedom.

No one can help except you! Mind is everything! Change your mind and live a simplicity life, enjoy the beauty of peacefulness and freedom.

Nothing is more important than freedom!

“When we free ourselves of desires, we’ll know serenity and freedom.” By Buddha





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