Do you need body detox?

The groundwork of all happiness is good health. by leigh Hunt

A good session of massage will definitely give a deep relaxation to our body. It’ll be much better if we are able to look for an experienced masseur.You are going to enjoy 100% recharge and refresh.

This week, I am undergoing for blood detox to eliminate all the toxins in my body. Body detox is just like to cleanse drainage, to ensure there is no accumulative toxins, chemical, heavy metal and poisons in our body. Our body system will not function well if full of rubbish. You might not able to see how is the function in our body. A simple example, just look at the drainage system, if you don’t clear on time, what will happen? Blockage, and this apply the same to our body system.

Some of my friends are wonder, why am I still need body detox as I followed macrobiotic diet? Well! Occasionally, I’ll be dine out, I can’t ensure how good is the food quality, air quality and others external factors. Listen to your body, you’ll know when do you need a body detox.

Yesterday, I had a good session of massage and I am also using “purify” essential oil to speed up the elimination of toxins and harmful substances in my blood stream. My body was energised. One of the beautiful experience after the 7 days of body detox, you’ll feel lighter and fresh.

It’s worth to take care of your body. Nothing is more precious of good health.




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