Breathe Freely!!!

Breathe freely! You don’t need much to live happily!

I’ve a chat with my young friend, she shared with me what she wanted in life. A fully paid up car, house and also freedom to buy whatever she wants in life without thinking twice or facing any budget constrain.

Well! I shared with her, it’s achievable and its all depend on what type of car and house you want. Most important, are you satisfied with what you have? Most of us, we are working hard for our whole life to keep changing new car which we need to pay more instalment and moving to bigger house which we need to commit more housing loan. All this invisible burden will bring tremendous stress and tension in your life. It’s like an invisible string to tie you tightly and you are going to lost your freedom in life.

You are just like a little snail, carrying a big shelf on shoulder. The more you want, the more you commit, the more you are going to lost your freedom. What is more happy than moving freely without worrying of monthly commitment?

Think about it, how much time actually you spend in your luxuries home? Most of the time, you might run like mad to earn a living. What for?

Are you living at now? or in future?

Always ask yourself, “What is the meaning of life?”



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