Talk less listen more!!!

Are you talking too much?

Are you listening too less?

Have you encounter situation that you can’t remember what people are sharing with you?

Have you ever contemplate about it?

Are you trying to give excuse that you’ve a bad memory?

We love talking.  We are not mindful when people is talking.  Moreover, we love to listen to whatever we want to listen and ignore whatever we dislike.

It’s great to talk less and listen more. The more you talk, the more you drain out your energy. Never involve in negative topics or gossiping, it’s not going to give nutrient to your mind yet bring lot of negative seeds to your mind. Nourish our mind with positive seeds.

Little Black will only communicate with us when necessary!

Talk when necessary! Obviously, we’ve 2 ears and 1 tongue, so listen more and talk less! You are going to learn and explore to new things!



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