You are blessed!!!

This few days, heavy downpour in the evening and the timing is exactly after office hour. People are rushing home especially for our Muslim friends, they are going home for buka Puasa (breaking of fast).  Usually, heavy traffic, moreover the situation is worst as raining heavily.

A lot of people will lost their temper and patient when they stuck in heavy traffic. They are so restless and start to blame, scold and get angry. Do you think all this action can ease the traffic condition? Of course, not. One thing for sure, you are going to jeopardise your health and bring toxins to your body. This is seriously unnecessary.

Why not sit quietly, listen to soothing zen music. A total quiet time for yourself, how nice!!! I love to look out when I am stuck in jam.This evening, I saw a few foreign workers on the lorry without roof and they are getting wet under the heavy downpour. Of course, I am sad and hopefully they are not getting sick. It’s seriously not easy to earn a living. I am gratitude that I am driving and not getting wet.

Be gratitude! There are so many reasons for us to count our blessing!!! Abundance food, a shelter, a car, clothes and others…

When I pass by a bridge, I saw a homeless elderly man is holding a piece of water melon plus some food waiting for breaking of fast. How blessed that we’ve a home which protect us from rain, sunshine and others, food to eat and there are so many reasons for us to count our blessing and gratitude.

You are blessed!




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