Be gratitude for every spoon of food…

Count my blessing to have such an awesome organic vegan meal. I am grateful to all beings!

Some of us, we might assume when we’ve money we can buy whatever we want. Let’s contemplate.

Recently, one of my favourite organic brown rice is out of stock. Sometimes, we might forget that the food we consume is grown and a precious gift from nature. It’s so blessed to have food to eat. It’s must equip with all right conditions before we can enjoy good meal, the right weather, good sunshine, water, good nutrient (compost), no drought or flood, farmer, transportation and others. So many people are supporting directly or indirectly for us to enjoy a bowl of organic brown rice.

Count our blessing for every meal we are enjoying!!! Express our gratitude to all beings who are directly and indirectly supporting our life by offering such a nutritious food to nourish our body and mind.

I always reminded people surrounding not to waste any food. Eat all the food in your plate. You are so messed to have food to eat. Think about how many people are dying for hunger and how many people are living in hunger? I practice and support empty plate, not even waste a grain on plate.

Let’s do it!






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