Think twice!!!

A must to get good rest!!! An An boy is enjoying his sleep!!!

When you are sick, are you telling your friends that something wrong with me. Well, is it really something wrong when you are sick. Of course, not. This is a package deal for human being, birth, aging, sick and death. No one can escape from this cycle of life. It is fine to get sick, a good sign for body to release toxins and bacteria out from body. As such, don’t feel sad, fear or worry if you are sick. It’s completely normal.

However, if you are getting sick very often, its abnormal as this is a sign from body that you need a good rest, pay attention to your diet, exercise, and also your mind condition.

Another good question to ask, when you are sick, are you taking medicine, antibiotics to stop natural healing? Your body knows the best way to heal itself. Think about it, if you are down with flu, you might get flu medicine prescription which cause you sleepy. Have you ever asked why? Simple answer, to get your body to take a good rest so you can recover well.

When you are sick, and you are not allowing your body to completely rest and relax. It’ll take a very long time to heal. One of my friend, she is sick for more than 2 weeks and yet to recover even under so much antibiotics and drugs. Simple reason, she never allow herself to get enough rest. The immunity is so weak, moreover she is not taking the right food, not enough nutrient for body to do natural healing.

It’s absolutely normal if you are sick, but always pay attention to rest and also allow body to do natural healing instead of depend on drugs and antibiotics. Its bring more disaster to body instead of benefits. Think twice!!!




3 responses to “Think twice!!!

  1. I have been sick for the past week with a respiratory illness and am healing naturally. No prescription medicines from the doctor. Plenty of rest. Plenty of water. Herbal throat lozenges. I have bad reactions to medicines and am very glad that I could rest and recover.

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