Our lovely cat friends…

We love our cats dearly, we treat all of them like our family members. All cats are having different characters but one thing for sure, they love us dearly. We are their whole world and they are not wear mask like some of us, tricky, dishonest and others. They are so real and pure!

Animals are our loyal friends, they are not going to betray us. I believe you understand well if you are always spend time with them. They are always sweet and of course they are holding such a special place in our hearts. I can see a lot of nice posting about how well we treat our animal friends and some might even become a vegetarian/vegan as they are not willing to eat them.

One of my friend shared with me that he became a vegetarian as he loves animals dearly, he just can’t imagine how animal friends being tortured and killed. In reality, we don’t need their “body/meat” to sustain our life. Recently, I read a report that by consuming red lentils vs beef. 8% reduction in the risk of death for every 20 g increase in daily legumes intake. However, by consuming beef, we increased our rick in getting colon cancer. Colon cancer became one of the growing fast cancer and it’s definitely related to our diet. Think before you eat!!!

Miss Sisi is a playful cat. She was on top of th tree and finding a way to come down. We encouraged her to think a way to get down. Of course, she can. 

Our lovely cats bringing so much happiness to our life, we are grateful to learn a lot of beautiful lessons from them and also celebrating our precious moment together.

Thank you to our dearest and lovely cat friends!


2 responses to “Our lovely cat friends…

  1. This is so sweet and true. Today is our cat’s birthday and he is 12! We are very happy and lucky to have him in our lives. Though he has to eat meat I think humans can do with less meat for sure.

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