No mud, no lotus…

No mud, no lotus! Its giving strength to me to continue walking the spiritual path with full faith and determination.

“No mud, no Lotus.” I love this saying very much. It’s so profound and related to our life.   When you are following spiritual path, you might discover so much challenges from your surrounding.

Sometimes, when you observe people are keep repeating their error and yet refuse to change even you already given your best advice. There is nothing you can do except to give your best wishes and blessing to them. Hopefully one day, they are going to awake and transform their life.

The more you think about other’s error, the more angry you are especially for the error which can be avoided if the person is mindful and giving priority in execution. As such, to have inner peace, let go and move on our life as we can’t change anything of other’s destiny and meaningless to waste our precious life in keep looking at other’s error. Never penalise ourselves repeatedly for other’s error.

For a lotus flower to bloom, it’s needed mud and there is no way to avoid mud. As such, to continue our spiritual path, we need to live in community, learn and let go error from others. This is the best moment to know how good is our practice. Always look inward to strengthen our faith in keep walking the path.



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