Listen well…

Today, we brought Miss Mimi to Vet for follow-up whether there is any improvement on her jaundice. During the last drip treatment, Vet mentioned that we can bring her back in another 2 weeks and wanted to continue antibiotics. Immediately, We rejected this idea and wanted to take the blood test this week and see whether her condition improve as we are aware that there is side effect in overdose of antibiotics. We don’t want to cause suffering and further jeopardise Miss Mimi’s health in the name of our convenience.

The blood test result is encouraging and Miss Mimi is doing well even though not 100% recovery. Our decision is right as Miss Mimi no longer need antibiotics and moreover she can reduce the liver supplement from 2 tablets to 1 tablet. What a happy news! Thank you very much for all your well wishes to this little being.

Miss Mimi was behaving so well and received compliment from Vet and also helper.

When you are close to animal friends, you know well whether they are getting better or not. When Miss Mimi is severely sick, she was willingly to take medicine. However, last two days, she was hiding, running when we wanted to feed her medicine. She try to negotiate with us for not taking medicine. We know she is slightly better.

Listen to them! They are our family member. Make decision wisely and not follow blindly.





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