Why not follow the right path? Instead of shortcut which might harm you?

There is no shortcut to gain healthy body and mind. You need to focus on your diet, exercise and also give priority to practice meditation. Perhaps, some might look for shortcut to reduce weight in short time. Well, you might able to achieve result. Yet you need to pay for high consequence as the diet pill might bring damage to your body. I remembered some years ago, a lady was faced liver failure after taking diet pill. She need to go through liver transplant to survive.

Instead of looking for shortcut which might going to harm our life, why not be mindful on what are you eating? Are you taking whole food? Pure food? Are you taking junk which give poisons instead of nutrient to your body? You might not even aware that you are feeding your body with toxin and huge calories daily.

Besides, food intake, Are you give priority in exercise? Imagine, like the drainage if no water movement, its like the dead water and soon or later, it’ll cause the drainage blockage. If you are moving your body, you are improving your blood flow, dispersing old “rubbish and toxins” through sweating and of course burn calories. You feel great after exercising. Don’t give excuses that you are no time. Never allow yourself to be regret when you are sick.

Recently, I am cultivating a new habit of walking at least 30 mins per day and also cycling during weekend. This is one of the good way to sustain our precious health.

Why not take a walk instead of spend time on watching TV, online, playing games, checking Facebook & Instagram?

For sure, you can sequence out some time for yourself. Its depend whether you want or not?




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