Happy Wesak day!

Karma is like the reflection of water. It’s follow you! Be mindful in your life!

A lot of people, claim they are Buddhist and yet they don’t practice the teaching of Buddha. Initially, we might still pray to Buddha for good health, good wealth and all kind of good things. Well, When you start your beautiful path, you are aware that no one can actually give you all the good things except you, yourself. Think about it, Karma is just like the shadow follow us for life. If you want to have a good life, always remember to do good deeds and also be mindful on your body, speech and action.

A simple example, when you are hungry, do you think you are going to get full when you are looking at other’s eating? Another example, when you are angry, can someone to take away your anger? Of course, not. Everything is depend on you. How you want to paint your journey? You are free to paint whatever colours you want!

I shared with one of my friend that I am being protected by precepts. As such, I’ll be automatically to comply to all laws and regulations. Of course, I know well what is right and wrong. Most important is I am aware on the consequences that I need to bear if I breach precepts. We can do whatever we want as long as you are ready to bear the consequences and never blame others if something happen to you. Look inward and the answer is with you.

Just look around in your garden, when you sow a winter melon seed, you are getting winter melon and not watermelon. Of course, sometimes you might not get any fruits and its all depend on conditions.

Happy Wesak Day! May you be mindful in your everyday life!


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