Are you ready to accept uncertainty with open heart?

It’s so easy for us to say life is full of uncertainty and just accept whatever happen to you. Well, it might be true and extremely easy for us to accept when uncertainty happen to others. The true practice is when uncertainty happen to you and your love one, are you still unshakable and accept it with open heart?


Miss Mimi was not well, she always sleeping and eat very little. We are thinking to give her time for recovery. Well, it’s not working.

By no choice, we need to consult Vet and see what’s her illness. The Vet shared with us that she had Jaundice, yellowish in ear, gum and others. Immediately, she went for blood test and confirmed abnormal in liver, it might be the side effect of the fungal medicine, poisoning and other reasons. Miss Mimi had a drip and injection of medicine to help her to flush out all toxins in liver and let’s the organ to repair and recover.

This is the first time we heard about jaundice in cats. Besides looking for “Why”, we accepted the fact and look for the best treatment for Miss Mimi for her speedy recovery. We need to bring her for drip for 4 consecutive days and hopefully she can get better.

Miss Mimi is alway sick, she had fungal a year back, went through operation, scanning and long-term medication. And now, she got Jaundice, need to take drip,liver supplement and also 2 weeks medication.

Vet mentioned to us that we adopted 4 cats, meaning we are having 4 little kids who need to take care and of course to love them. So true!!!

We can’t predict what will happen to us and yet the best to do is to accept it with positive mind and believe whatever happen to you is the best thing in life. There is always beautiful lesson to learn.





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