Bravo! An An boy…

My neighbour is dislike cat, he claim allergy on cat’s fur. As such, whenever, our cats pass by his house, he’ll definitely chase them away. Our cats are well trained that they never go to visit his house. Even though, Little black, our elder cat is resting outside our house, whenever he see my neighbour, he’ll immediately run home.

We adopted Mr. An An not long ago. He might not so aware on the situation. Yesterday, he went to my neighbour’s house and kept looking and trying to catch something underneath my neighbour’s cabinet. So, his maid  wanted to chase Mr. An An away, however, she was so curious what was underneath the cabinet. She was shocked when she saw a python.  Immediately, they rang Bomba (Fire fighter), they came and caught the python.

Python being caught by Bomba. Hopefully, they release it to the forest.

My neighbour was very grateful for Mr. An An for helping to discover the snake. If not, it might cause more harm. He praised An An boy! WOW!

Of course, we are counting our blessing that Mr. An An is safe and not being swallowed by the python. Mr. An An is a playful little boy.  We are happy to stay with this lovely being and we are proud of this young boy! Bravo! An An boy…




4 responses to “Bravo! An An boy…

  1. Lijiun,
    I have been following your writings for more than 2 years. The views of life that you show are so interesting for us to experience. They are more than pictures and words, they are lessons of fulfilling life to the fullest. Please keep writing and thanks so much. Your work is

    • Thank you , Bob for your kind words and encouragement. Let’s do our best to give positive vibes to ourselves and our surrounding. Smile always!

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