humming happy tunes…

Little Black stayed with us for more than 4 years. He understood well on our language and there is no barrier on communication. For other 3 younger cats, they still can’t understand our language and Little Black is always our translator if we wanted to share something with his little brother and sister.

However, only one habit that Little Black is not transforming. He is a gift collector. He love to bring home, e.g. slipper, sock, cloth and others from neighbour house.  We continuously advise him not to bring home any gift. As a countermeasure for not bothering and disturbing our neighbours, we decided to put a few old slippers, socks and others at one of the corner nearby our house.

Apparently, it works. He listened to our advise not to take anything from neighbours and he is happily to carry home slippers, sock and others stuff we put at the corner. Perhaps, this is one of his happy moment to bring gifts home. He is humming happy tune whatever he is collecting a gift home.

A little cute boy, humming happy tone with a gift!

Yes, we respect this little being for doing whatever he is happily doing and not causing any inconvenience to others. Perhaps, he just want to bring a little gift to us daily. What a sweet thought! This is the best way to handle unforeseen circumstances in peaceful  and harmony way. Meaningless to keep scolding and causing tension or stress at home.







6 responses to “humming happy tunes…

  1. Little Black is very thoughtful and loves his family very much. He wants to help by bringing gifts. Such a sweet cat, this is very heart warming and makes me happy.

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