Be lighter…

One of the tree in our garden being conquered by blue pea flowers. It’s hardly to see the shape from the tree.

We decided to remove the blue pea flowers from the tree. My father and I took more than an hour to chop off the blue pea flowers.We can clearly see how strong tied up from the vines from Blue pea flowers towards the tree. It’s hardly for the tree to growth and it might also died off.

How beautiful and how light is the tree after clear off from the blue pea flowers.

This incident gave a very profound lesson in life, let go all your burden, it might tied you up until you can’t even breath properly. Never underestimate this invisible pressure and one day, you might totally collapsed. Always look inward and be lighter!

Always give yourself a space to breathe well. Well, you don’t need much to live well. Your destiny is on your hand.



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