What is the key to success?

How much preparation work needed before serving a yummy and healthy organic vegan fried rice?

There is no shortcut for success. You need to work toward success and it’ll never happen overnight.

Do you love cooking? Before you start cooking a dish, you need to spend time to look for recipe, to plan your work, to buy, to prepare all ingredients and cut vegetables to whatever shapes needed. All this preparation work will take more time than cooking. If you don’t prepare well, you can’t cook a good dish and your kitchen will also be messy. No one enjoy your cooking and you might be depressed.

It’s apply the same in our life. If you don’t plan and prepare well, you might not able to achieve the result you want. Never look for excuses and start your blaming process. No one you should blame except you, yourself.

Sometimes, we expect people to help or support us. Well, if they are giving their helping hand, its great! However, if no one help you, you also shouldn’t upset. Always remember no obligation.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell



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