Why not sleep soundly?

Some of us, we just wanted to get rich fast and enjoy luxuries life, we forget the wholesome way to earn money.  They are so many people are crazy for money game, the return is so high, more than 20% per month. Logically, we’ll definitely check what is going on. Is it so easy to earn high return by forex investment?

However, we are so greed to get rich fast and we just blindly bank in our money. However, this is your decision, you should bear the consequences. The worst thing happen is you know this might be a scam, you still recruit your family and friends to invest in the money game in order for you to earn even more money. Yes, you might run away from legal execution. However, never ever forget that you need to bear for your bad deeds, you are responsible for your karma as you are cheating others.

Always remember that karma is like shadow which following you for life. Whatever decision you are making, always check with your consciences, wholesome or unwholesome?

We live a simple and peaceful life, we can sleep soundly at night! What a great wealth!

If whatever decision you make is unwholesome, soon or later, you might not able to sleep well as stress, fear, worry and tension. What’s the meaning of get rich fast and you need to bear for mental suffering?




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