Kickstart a day on positive vibes…

What is in your mind when you wake up in the morning?

Are you start with positive or negatives vibes?

Are you telling yourself,  “I am blessed that I am still alive and enjoying a brand new day.”, “May I bring happiness to all beings.”

Well, Why not start with positive vibes? You are definitely bringing benefit to yourself and also others. For sure, you are shining your positive energy to all beings.

My lovely cat, Little Black is my alarm clock. He’ll wake me irrelevant weekdays or weekend. He is so discipline and recently he get a new helper, Mr. An An.

What a warm morning welcome from this two lovely beings! How happy to see them in the morning!!! Yeah!  Great day ahead! My mind is full of positive vibes and loving kindness. Awesome!




2 responses to “Kickstart a day on positive vibes…

  1. What a beautiful way to look at the day. My cat is the first one I see in the morning and he helps to start the day off with positive happiness too.

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