Let go of your burden…


Most of us, we will carry a bag or backpack when we are travelling.

What are inside the bag?

Perhaps, umbrella, sunblock, wallet, hotel card, recycle bag, water bottle, handkerchief, camera, smart phones and others.

Sometimes, you might put in more stuffs for convenience and security.

Initially, when you start your journey, you might not feeling the weight of the bag. You are enjoying the sightseeing happily.

Well, after a few hours of walking, you start to feel how heavy is your bag, perhaps you just want to reduce the items and travel light.

Think about it, its similar to our life, we love to carry ton of burden to our shoulder and bring in lots of trouble whether its belong to ourselves or others. Make our life so miserable. The more burden, the more stress we are facing.  We might not able to breathe well in stressful life.

Sit still, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

What is the meaning of life? Let go of all your burden, it’s really meaningless to carry. It’s can’t bring benefit in your spiritual life. You deserved a happy life. It’s all depend on your will.






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