Shine your unconditional love…

This morning, we brought our lovely cat, Mr An.An to visit Vet to heal his teary and unusual eyes discharges. The situation is not getting well or worst after we adopted him. It has been more than a month. So, we decided to bring him to get a proper treatment.

Of course, we are aware that Vet will definitely give him drugs. This is the last resort as we are concerned if we delay the treatment, Mr. An An might go blind. We don’t want to live in guilt for the rest of our life.

This little gentlemen was crying all the journey to visit Vet. He is terrified that we might abandon him. Even though, we reassured him that we’ll bring him home after the treatment. Well, he is behaved much better than previous time which he poo in the car.

He was really terrified after returned home. He felt insecurity, kept crying and restless-walking up & down our house.

The only thing we can share and comfort him is unconditional love. Finally, he slept deeply. What a cute little boy!

Shine your unconditional love to all beings like the sun ray.

Happy weekend!



6 responses to “Shine your unconditional love…

  1. I can completely relate to your post, we faced so much difficulty in getting our cats to the vet too. Much love to your lovely cat, its heartwarming to see wonderful souls like you showering them with unconditional love. May she get better soon 🙂

  2. I am hoping Mr. An An’s eyes will heal quickly, and he can fully relax in your family’s love and care. He was blessed to have wandered to your home!

  3. I hope your dear cat feels better soon. Thank you for giving him so much love and care. You warm my heart.

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