Indulge in nature…

How do you spend your weekend?

Usually, we rewarding ourselves after a hard-working day by shopping, eating, chatting, watching movies and others material stuffs.

Think about it, are you recharge after crazy shopping and bring back a lot stuffs? Perhaps most of the items you are not require, you might just buy for the sick of buying. After a while, you might discover that you are overspend.

One of the great way to relax, recharge your body and mind is to take a great walk in garden. Nature can heal us well! Once you breath in pure oxygen and you can notice you are so fresh!

You can just sit there , do nothing and indulge yourself in beautiful nature. What a relaxing day! 

Recently, when I visited Royal Botanical garden in Sydney, I spent half a day in the garden and I visited again the next day. What a great way to heal ourselves! What a great ideas to get out from the noisy world and move inward!

Give priority and spend beautiful time in nature.



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