What do you think?

How do you feel when you visit zoo?

Are you happy to meet all animal friends? Are you busy to take photos?

Recently, I went to zoo after many years. I am sad when I saw animal friends are being confined in a cage and they lost their freedom. All this animals are going to be in cage until they died. I try to imagine if this is my life. It’s so challenging!

How valuable is freedom in life?

I recalled one of the teaching from my teacher, let’s change our perspective. Think about safety and security, all animal friends are safe in the cage and they are being care and feed. No need to worry about food and shelter.

Let’s look at things in all angles instead of just limit yourself to your way of thinking. Open up and you can experience more in life.



8 responses to “What do you think?

  1. I prefer wild animals in the wild, but as not all people can get to the wild zooz serve a purpose but the animals must be well, extremely well, taken care of.

  2. In our local zoo (in North Dakota, and so the weather gets nasty, here), most of the animals have outdoor habitats with ready access to their in-door spaces in buildings, separated by walls and sometimes water from spectators who remain on the paths that wind through the zoo. My favorites are the pigmy marmosets, who live in glass habitats inside the central building. They seem to spend a lot of time watching the visitors, when they aren’t climbing among the branches. And also the Chinese red pandas, which three are known worldwide, as is our zoo, because of the successful breeding program. The pandas actually like the colder weather. 😀

  3. I think zoos are disgusting, and should all be closed, and I am a right wing conservative.. some would use the argument that these animals are in rehabilitation, which is awesome, but in the mean time.. let’s make money off of them.. That’s disgusting, you want to rehabilitate them.. do it in a private environment, in the wild, not in a confined prison, where you make money off of them, slaves had more freedom than these animals, utterly disgusting

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