Are you more superior than animals?

A few days ago, I received a text from my neighbour, a volunteer in animals shelter home, a blind cat is looking for a home. The cat is really cute. If nobody adopt her, she’ll be put to sleep. We’ve adopted 4 cats and it’s really a big challenge if we adopt one more cat who need to care and support. We are really busy in working life and its hard for our elderly parent to take care a blind cat. We are unable to adopt her but we’ll do our best to help her.

This morning, aunty texted us again and mentioned someone is willing to adopt her but they need a big cage. We are so happy to receive the good new. We are donating the big cage and we hope she is doing well in her new home. We see all animal friends like you and me.  No differentiation in our eyes.

My recent trip, I encountered people always say they love animals, and they are eagerly to snap cute animal photos and play with animals during their visit to zoo. After the zoo visit, immediately they check with the tour guide where to have the nice seafood and meat, they even ask where to get the kangaroo meat. Why our action and saying is not the same? Why are we not seeing animals are one the beings in this beautiful world? They’ve the equal right just like you and me.

Imagine, if animal friends are using the same language, what are they going to say to us?

“I am not willing to die, please don’t eat my “body. I want to LIVE!”

This was one of the beautiful moment which touch my heart, the bonding of kangaroos with human. Even though, they are not using the same language like us, yet we can communicate through heart to heart. Always remember that love is no border. Share your unconditional love with all beings! You can!

If you think you are more superior than them, Love them instead of eat them.





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