Take a good rest…

Take a good rest, you can keep walking and even walk faster! Never give excuse as busy to “torture” your body and mind. Don’t blame when you are sick.

It was a busy week. I am tied up with my work, family, volunteer and others.

All responsibilities make my mind and body extremely tired. My energy is drained up. I am happy that I am aware my body and mind are exhausted. Immediately, I stopped and allow my body and mind to rest. I went for a good massage to relax my body and mind. What a relieved after a good session of massage! Never ignore the signal from our precious body.

Nowadays, many people are extremely busy in their life, some might feel tiredness, they are using boaster like coffee, energetic drinks, vitamins and others to boast their energy. They forgot to give their body and mind a rest, a Stop in busy life. In long run, definitely they are going to get sick. Another type of people, their body is numb to tiredness as they are detached from body and mind. Never let the body to rest. No matter how strong is the body, one day sure collapse.

Don’t regret when you are sick. Treasure your body and mind. If you lost either one, its hard to enjoy true happiness and we are going to give burden to others.







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