We’ve so many roles to play in our life, as a daughter, mother, father, son, sister, brother, superior, subordinates, cousin, volunteer, colleagues, friends, relatives, student, teacher, mother in-law, son-in-law and others….

If we not manage well, we might be so tired and restless for all roles in life. All responsibilities might push you until you can’t even breathe well.  As such, we must know how to relax in our daily life. Some of us, we are full of negative energy to manage all this roles. We are constantly in fear, angry, stress, tension, angry, rushing and others. Be quiet, and think about it, why are we so tense?

One of key reason is we work too hard and hardly we know how to take a break. Always go back to your breathing when you are too stress.

Do nothing! Enjoy the most beautiful moment here and now. Always give a break to do mindful breathing!




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