Garden weeds…


If you are busy and not spend time in your garden, I believe you can see well the garden weed are growing strong and start to occupy your garden.  Obviously, The life of weed are stronger than our normal flowers and plant. Weed can grow well in any circumstances and there don’t need any special care.

Always take good care of our garden and get rid of weed. Apply the same in our life, practice mindfulness as a guardian to cultivate good habits.

This morning, when I’ve a walk in garden, the little weed reminded me on how easy to cultivate bad habits, perhaps we just need months. How slow to cultivate good habit. It’s just like our little flowers and plants in garden, its need our love and support, watering, compost and care. As such, be mindful and not letting bad habits to “Occupy” our life. It’s hard to get rid and yet easy to grow just like the weed.







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