Are you like the strong Turpentine tree?

Nature is our great teacher. It always share a profound lesson.

Recently, I visited Blue Mountain in Sydney. I love the fresh air, greenery and beautiful mountain. I enjoyed very much on the forest walking, so peaceful and calm.

This stump of the turpentine tree was burnt completely in bushfire, 1948. However, Turpentine tree is extremely strong and durable, this stop will stand here for man years…

The Strong Turpentine tree touched my heart and reminded us to be strong and independent. Think about it, we can’t depend on any person except ourselves. A simple example, who is going to accompany you during the death moment? You need to go through the dying process by yourself. No one willing to replace you.

We always giving unconditional love to others, however we might neglect to give love to ourselves. How to love others if you don’t know to love yourself? What is Love? Always remember we are also one of the beings in this world. You deserved Love!

Be strong, have faith and keep walking!!!




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