I am back!!!

Hello, my lovely friends, I am back from my happy vacation. Hope you are well and happy. So much great lessons I learned from my recent travel and I would like to share with every one of you.

It was a great experience to travel alone as my sister need to attend seminar for the first five days. I am totally be with myself, observe my thoughts in and out. A total liberation in life as you don’t need to accommodate to others and all time is belong to you. I enjoyed such a freedom and there is nothing to rush and I just walked follow my pace. Wow! What a wonderful journey!

I was lost in the first day in a new city. However, I kept telling myself, kept walking and continue to enjoy the life in the new city. Nothing to worry or stress, be mindful in every moment of life.  I am relaxed, walk slowly, enjoyed the peaceful walk and beautiful scenery.

Even though, I am lost and can’t get to the place I wanted to visit. However, nothing to miss as I discovered a lot of beautiful scenery and pass by many nice park.

What a calming green! I enjoyed the fresh air. So peaceful!

Just be at present moment, no worry and fear, you are going to enjoy the most beautiful moment in life! Never start your self blame and you are going to miss out the beautiful scenery around you.

“Its better to travel well than to arrive.” By Buddha





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