Walk Slowly…


Do you love travel?

I love travel as I can learn other’s lifestyle, culture, food and also indulge in the beautiful nature. I don’t like to join tour as its usually rush to cover all well-known sightseeing and enjoying the so-called “Best food”. When we are in hurry, its hard to enjoy the beautiful scenery, perhaps we are busy to take photos as one of our homework. Sad to say, we might only check out the photos once we want to post in social media and then save in our desktop. That’s all!

Why not walk slowly to enjoy local culture and scenery? Vacation is meant for us to take a break for our body and mind, recharge our energy and refresh once we are home. What is the meaning of covering all well-known sightseeing and we are more tired than before travelling?

If you are in hurry, for sure you are going to miss the authentic local food…Freshly baked bread!!! Yum!  Be relax and never rush in your trip! Live life step by step, you are going to enjoy the beautiful journey.

You can always check out the beautiful scenery by clicking internet. Eat slowly, walk slowly and sleep well during your travel. Free yourself from any fixed itinerary. Just enjoy the present moment and no stress or regret if you are unable to cover some sightseeing. Live slowly!!!

I’ll be going for my relaxing travel from this weekend and back by end of the month. See you, my dearest friends! Take good care until we meet again!

May you be well and happy!



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