This afternoon, my sister shared with me that she read one of the top 5 traditional kueh (Local dessert) in Facebook. We’ve tried 2 of the shops, it’s confirmed the taste of local dessert  is great!!! As such, we believe the recommendation and moreover one of the shop is near our house. As such, we decided to take a try.

Do you know whether the cake is tasty? Sweet? Just based on the photo. Perhaps, you can guess and you don’t know until you taste it.

There are so many types of local desserts and the price is reasonable. The shop is very crowded. We took away a few pieces of local kueh. After tasted, it was not suitable for our tastebud. Of course, it suitable to other’s people.  This is a very good case study to remind us not to forward anything in FB until we confirm the news are correct and true. If not, we might causing panic, misunderstanding and causing negative emotions.

No matter how good or bad recommendations from others, you can’t just follow their saying. You must experience it before continuously sharing with others. Always remember that we must be responsible for our saying, we sow the seeds and one day, we might reap the fruits either good or bad. Be mindful on your speech!!!

Share only the truth and good speech!!! You can!!!

Have a great weekend!

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