follow foot steps of good people…

One of my happy moment is to accompany my lovely cats to play in garden during weekend. The great way to start a relaxing weekend.There are so many beautiful lessons we can learn from our little friends.

We just adopted Mr. An An, initially we released him in garden and now he stayed indoor with other cats. He is a truly a friendly and good behave cat, he learn and copy from his elder brother, Little Black. Little Black is a kind-hearted and lovely cat, he shared everything generously with his new brother and sisters (Miss Mimi & Miss Sisi). I saw how Little Black brought Mr. An An to upstairs and shown him everything, like visiting a new house and rules to live. We are blessed to have such a generous, willing to share and kind-hearted cat.

Little Black is Mr. An An mentor. Mr. An An learn and copy everything from his elder brother. We are sure that Mr. An An also will be a kind-hearted cat.

There is a profound saying from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

“Don’t be friendly with people who are negative because if you are friendly with them you also get into that mode. Be friendly with those who are happy. and have compassion for those who are unhappy.”

How important to know who should be your friend! Who should you learn and follow?

Always follow foot steps of good people and for sure, you are going to be good people!!!



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