Everything happens for a reason…

Our karma is just like the shadow of water, always following us…

Recently, I went to police station to settle my police summon for accidentally hit the car in front last week. Well! To my surprise that the police printed out 3 more long outstanding summon which I’ve yet to settle. It was backdated to 15 years ago and the interesting part was 2 of my cars already sold. Of course, I am responsible for what I did in the past and I settled all the summons.

The best learning is even though you are not aware what you did in the past, you need to pay for all your action. No way for us to escape. By looking at my case, even after 15 years , I need to settle all summons. As such, be mindful on your speech, action and thought as it’s definitely bear fruit one day. Always remember the cause and effect!!!

Accept whatever things happen to you!!!

Everything happens for a reason.








2 responses to “Everything happens for a reason…

  1. Yes we tend to forget if the result is not immediately visible.. but somehow it’ll show up sooner or later.. remembrance is the best antidote to our (selective) forgetfulness – as we tend to remember our good actions but not so much our neutral / negative actions 🙂

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