You can make a difference…

Yesterday, We’ve brought our lovely stray cat, Mr An An home from Vet. “An” is a short form from Chinese “Ping An”, meaning “Safety”. We hope our lovely friend be safe in his life journey. We are happy that he is well and recovering fast from his neutering operation and also his wound on neck.

Of course, he was kept on crying on the journey home as too frightening as he was uncertainty on his future. Sis & I kept pacifying him that no worry, we will definitely take care and providing food to you.

Mr. An An was truely happy when he met with my father once home. He know he is safe and no longer crying.

Mr. An An was truely happy when he met with my father once home. He knew he is safe and no longer crying. How handsome he is!

We release him in our garden, he walk freely and happily!!! My father fed him twice a day and provided clean drinking water to him. He is not stay indoor with us, however, when we are open our backyard door, he’ll definitely be there. What a sweet boy!!! We love Mr. An An.

Our little action can bring so much happiness to our animal friends. They are all friendly little beings. Sometimes, people might say it hard to maintain them as they need to pay for their food. Think about it, if we are able to cut down some of our unnecessary expenses like drinking an expensive coffee daily, we can save at least more than USD$2.5 per day, cut down buying unnecessary stuffs, bad habits like smoking, high alcohol consumption and others, we might even can save more to help more animal friends and enjoy healthy lifestyle.

Each one of us, can actually do our best to help our animal friends. I read a great posting, “A kenyan pea farmer delivers water to wild animals during drought”. Four times per week, he travels 45 km to replenish local watering hole (12,000 litres) to support wild elephants, zebras, lions and buffaloes of that region to avoid them to die from thirsty. A lot of wild animals have come to rely on him and several waiting at the watering hole for his delivery. I am touched for the kindness of good people.

I believe every one of us can be the good people!!! Let’s start our kind action disregard of big or small!!! Your kind action is going to transform other’s life, bring happiness and reduce of suffering!

You can, beautiful friends!!!





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