Keep walking!!!

Be diligent in your path... Never take any shortcut! You know well on your process when you are facing unexpected incident!

Be diligent in your path… Never take any shortcut! You know well on your process when you are facing unexpected incident! Keep walking, friends!

The best moment to know how great is your spiritual practice is when you are facing unexpected incident in your life. How do you react?

Recently, I met with an accident. I can’t brake my car immediately and hit the car in front. The first thought in my mind, apologise to the front car owner and ensure she was not injure. I walked toward her calmly and apologised for the incident, passed her my contact number and also informed her to claim my insurance. So glad that she was fine and her car was minor scratches. I can sense her anger was loosen when I apologised and resolved the issue in harmony. I am thankful to the meditation practice and I can handle the situation well. I am truly calm, peace and accept the incident immediately. Take care of others and of course myself.

I called my insurance agent to check on the claim process and contacted the workshop to seek help for tow car. Follow by, making police report. Everything was smooth and I handled independently. This incident gave a good reminder that we need to face our death by ourselves and no one can help us to escape from samsara, except ourselves. Be diligent in practice and we don’t know when is our death moment. I can imagine if I am not following my daily practice, for sure I am panic, worry, fearful, tension, stress, perhaps started the self blame process when I met an accident.

I managed to go for my macrobiotic class after settled all reporting process, left behind my car in workshop. I continue my life and not affected by the past incident. Live at now! Nothing more precious than NOW!

One more important realisation is Whatever happen in your life, it’s the BEST thing for you to learn!!! 

Happy weekend, friends! Stay Well!








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