For better or for worst ???

You are going to have the fragrance of flowers when you are surrounded by flowers!

You are going to have the fragrance of flowers when you are surrounded by flowers!

Have you ever experienced that when you are dine-in a restaurant with poor ventilation, your clothes, hair and body are surrounded by the smell of oily food. Usually, I’ll immediately take a shower when I reach home to get away the “food smell”.

Are you aware that when you are surrounding with kind virtues people, you are going to learn the same from them, to practice loving kindness and unconditional love. You are gradually eliminated the arisen of bad thoughts. However, when you are surrounding with people with bad intention/thoughts, you are also absorbing the negative energy from them and also gradually transform your thoughts towards negative without realization. Of course, the choice is in your hand. It’s up to you who do you want to mingle around. However, you must be ready to bear the consequences for your decision.

One of my friend share a life story with me that her friend, a happy married man with children. Initially, her friend love his family very much and put top priority to his children and wife. He is one of the family orientated and responsible man. However, the situation totally changed when he is started to mixed together with those man who love to have affairs with ladies and most of them are having “mistress” or “girlfriend” beside an official wife. All his friends encouraged and influenced him to have affairs with other ladies. Now, a responsible family man is having a “girl friend” and he totally forgot about his role as a father and husband. How powerful is your group of friends who are going to change your thoughts and transform you to be a better or worst people!!!

Of course, if you are follow your strong faith and believe, no one can transform your mind. However, if you are not strong, you are going to be easily influenced by others.

As such, be aware of who do you mingle around!!! It’ll change your destiny in life!



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