helping stray cat…

He is a handsome and friendly boy. Will release after his recovery and to continue to feed him no one adopt him.

He is a handsome and friendly boy. Will release after his recovery and  continue to feed him no one adopt him.

Yesterday morning, while we were playing in garden with our lovely cats. One of the friendly strayed cat “Meow” to our way, it was the first time we met him. He is a friendly cat, not afraid and get close to us. We believe someone might feed him or he is being damped by his owner. We are unsure what are reasons yet we would like to help him.

According to my father, he saw this cat was injured, had open wound on his neck. He was helping him for past few days to apply medication to help for recovery and fed him with dry food. My father is always kind to all stray animals and he’ll do his best to help.

Usually, we’ll bring stray cat to Vet for check up and follow by neuter or spay to reduce the homeless cats being killed. One of my friend mentioned that to neuter or spay stray animal is “Cruel” action. Simple questions, “Are you willing to adopt kittens?” “How many kittens are you able to take care?” Think big, what is the implication of totality? How many kitten being adopted per year? How many stray animals in street? Have you seen the conditions of stray animals? How many stray animal life being taken? The best action we can take is neuter and spay them for their long-term welfare. Neutered cats are not aggressive to fight, as such can reduce the chances of injury.

We’ll only check out the stray cat after he is fully recover from operation, usually it take about a week. This is the best support we can give and we are going to release him after he is fully recover.

We’ll do the same process to any stray animal come to our house. This is the best way to control the cat population in our community. Some of our neighbour, they dislikes and hate cats so much. It’s hard to look for people to adopt stray cats.

Some of us, we are so kind and love to feed stray animals. Yes, it’s a good deed. However, its great if you can take a step further by taking action to neuter and spay to avoid needless tragedy that millions of stray animal deaths each year. Your action is the important part of solution.





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  1. I am very late getting to this post, but I agree with you that spaying or neutering strays is the best thing you can do to keep them happy and healthy. I have begun volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic near me, and they help about 30 animals (dogs also) every Tuesday. They are just celebrating their third year, so that’s a LOT of babies prevented.

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