Are you mad?

Why are you angry? Contemplate!

Why are you angry? Contemplate!

Are you easily being annoyed by someone through their speeches or action?

Have you ever figure out why are you easily being annoyed?

One of my friend shared with me that she received a very negative treatment from a trainer. Initially, she thought of walked out and left the place. However, she cooled herself and think deeply, “What is her objective to be here?” and “Why must she be angry with someone who are not behaved well?” It’s not worth it. She decided to stay back and finished her course. It’s a great learning that no one can bring anger in our life except ourselves. We allow negative emotion to affect our lives and being badly affected by unwise action. Why should we penalised ourselves by other’s misbehaved and anger.

Yesterday, I encountered the same incident, the jockey was truly rude when I wanted to park my car. He shouted and screamed like mad. I am not affected by his anger and frustration. There is no point to be angry by other’s action. It’s nothing to do with us. How much damage to our body when we are in anger?

Never associate “I”, “Me”, “Mine” in your thinking process when you want to deal with anger. Simple example, “I am, XXX…. Why are you treat me in such a manner?”, ” I deserved better than this…”…

When someone is in anger, they are totally out of mind. Meaningless to react to those mindless people. Be calm, nothing can effect you!

Stay chill!






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