The beauty of freedom…

What is more precious than freedom in life?

What is more precious than freedom in life?

One of my friend associate her happiness with material stuffs. She is following up with the latest fashion, trend and she just want to “own” the latest products even she is having so many stuffs at home. For example, she is constantly purchase the latest release of sport shoes. Her happiness only last until she buy a new pair of shoes. Immediately, she is targeting on getting other new material stuffs.

I just asked a simple question, “How many pairs of shoes we can wear at the same time?” However, she perceived all this chasing of material stuffs are her objective in life, to motivate her to work harder and bring happiness. I end our conversation with, “What is more valuable than freedom in life? A free mind from unwanted desires.”

She can’t understand the true meaning. I ask her to keep contemplating. Hopefully, she can get the true meaning and enjoy the beauty of freedom, to discover we, ourselves are the fountain of joy. We don’t need any external stuffs to make us happy! We are joy!!!

Why are we tighten ourselves with “Something”, make our mind not in peace and constantly look outward instead of inward.

Only you, yourself can release and chop off the invisible string. Liberate yourself.

Nothing is more important than freedom in mind, the whole universe is belong to you.






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