What do you leave behind?

Are you living freely?

Are you living freely?

Some of my friends are working so hard, they are so busy to accumulative wealth for their next generation. They are so concern that their children own nothing in future, as such they do their best to save up money to buy houses for their children. They are constantly worry, concern and stress up to plan for the future of their children.

They are not living life for themselves. They are hardly enjoy present moment and always living in future, what can they leave behind to their lovely children. Some are even very stingy on spending, they plan every single cents they earn for future. What is the value of wealth besides the growing number of bank account?

Some of my friends even lost their personal quiet time which is so important to relax our body and mind. Some even forget to love themselves. If you don’t love yourself, can you actually love others? Never forget you are one of the beings in this universe.

Let’s contemplate! What is more important to leave behind for your children? Say you are leaving behind a great fortune, if your children love to gamble, perhaps in a year or two, all your hard earn money is vanished.

Instead of spend all your valuable time to earn money, why not spend some time to grow with your children, teach and guide them the value to be a good person with kind virtues. No one can take away loving kindness and this is the best gift you can give to your children and the world.

How many smiling faces can be brought by a good person in the world?

A good thought will transform everything!







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