Fact of life…

Be yourself!!!

Be yourself!!!

I read one of the good sharing about fact of life,

” If everyone is happy with you, then surely you have made many comprises in your life…

If you are happy with everyone, surely you have ignore many faults of others.”

Let’s contemplate….

Just ask yourself why are you not happy sometimes?

When you are setting high expectation on others and others can’t meet your expectation.

When others are doing something not follow precepts and law of nature.

When others are totally ignoring their health and abuse their body by constantly depend on medicine.

One of my friend shared with me that her mother is so generous to others, she’ll definitely buy souvenirs when she is back from vacation. She is also awaiting in return to get souvenirs from others if others are back from vacation. Sometimes, her friends not buying any souvenirs to her, she is so disappointed and sad. A learning, never ever set any expectation on “in -return”, happily giving without setting any requirement. You are holding the key of your happiness, don’t pass it to others.

In the past, I am sad when I see people are not treasure their life even though they are having terminal illness like cancer. They are not aware on what to eat in order to prolong their life. Some are still taking junk food, cola and all “rubbish” food. Now, I am transforming myself with giving the best blessing to them , “May their wisdom grow.” Once they are wiser, they’ll definitly  aware that “Health is wealth” and start to treasure their life.

Happiness is your DNA. You are the fountain of joy!!!

No need to get acknowledgement from others to be HAPPY!!!








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