How do you feel when you look at the blossom of orchid flowers?

How do you feel when you look at the blossom of orchid flowers?

It’s truly beautiful. Usually, we love to stop to admire the beauty of blossom flowers.

How about withered of this flowers? Are you still love to spend time to look at it? Or  you will immediately dump it to compost bin?

The same flower, yet we are treating with 2 different mindset. Why?

We love to welcome good things and accept it with happy heart. When we are facing challenges in life, we love to blame on our “luck” no good,  other’s person and full of excuses.

Think about it. Nature is showing us so much example, When there is day time, follow by night-time, sun & moon, Leaves growing and leaves falling, Tree growing and tree dying….All this is cycle of nature. In fact, no one can escape from this cycle of life. As such, treat equally for whatever things happen in your life, good or bad. Treat this as beautiful lessons in life for you to learn and be better.

One of my friend shared with me that her “Luck” for last year was bad as three of her lovely doggie passed away due to old age and sickness. I shared with her that this is nothing to do with “luck”, when there is birth and confirm there is Dead. No one can escape too, its depend on when is our turn.

Don’t blame on “luck”, use our wisdom to contemplate. Don’t tie yourself with unnessary superstitious and believe. Be liberate!




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