Everyday is a good day…

Treat everyday is a happy day. You can if you want!!!

Treat everyday is a happy day. You can if you want!!!

Chinese New Year is around the corner. The most common questions people love to ask, “Where are you going during Chinese New Year?”, “Have you settle your shopping list?” “What are the dishes you are going to prepare during reunion dinner?”

To me, everyday is a good day. Chinese New year is just another good day. Live simple, eat simple and make everyday is a celebration day. We don’t need to wait until Chinese New Year to be happy, cheerful, joyful… instead you can be happy in anytime,anywhere and any moment.

Buy whatever you need and not what you want, don’t stock up. Avoid any food wastage. Most important, don’t overeat and regret later. Be moderate!!!

Always be grateful for whatever you have. Count your blessings!!! Don’t assume whatever you are enjoying is what you deserve. Its contribution and hand work from all beings. Continuously to practice giving instead of receiving!

It’s really blessed if we can share happiness with others!








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