Be diligent in your practice…

It’s easy to look at others to perform talent easily, like singing, cooking, baking, drawing, gardening, photograph and others.  However, when our turn, the task is not so easy.

Recently, I went for a macrobiotics natural sweet workshop. Teacher shown us how effortless to bake dessert, he demonstrated, shared knowhow, tips and even provided recipe. What we need to do, just copying everything, Perhaps you might think, it’s so easy as we got the recipe. This might not be true in reality.

I tasted teacher's muffin. It was awesome! However, When I baked the muffins, followed all recipe and yet I can't achieve teacher's standard. Why?

I tasted teacher’s muffin. It was awesome! However, When I baked the muffins, followed his recipe and yet I can’t achieve teacher’s standard. Why?

Simple answer as I never practice enough, teacher spent so many years in studying how to bake good dessert. I am amazed that by touching, he knew whether the vegan cake was  cooked or not. Without using weighing machines, he can bake good dessert. How much hard work he went through, practice make perfect!!! Nothing comes easy!

Never ever complain why others are doing better than us. Always look into the great effort put into the task. Are you diligently in your practice?

The more you practice, the more you are enhancing your skills. This is apply the same to our spiritual practice. Always remember not to stop your practice after you step out from monastery. Insert spiritual practice in your daily life, and be part of your DNA.

Be diligent in your path and have faith to keep walking!



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