Stay healthy, friends!

A pumpkin plant in front of my house and I am so happy to see the little pumpkin.

A pumpkin plant in front of my house and I am so happy to see the little pumpkin.

However, When I checked out this morning, the little pumpkin was not around, it dropped premature. It happened often in our life too. Some of us, we are not appreciate for whatever we own in life, we take it for granted. When we lost it, we might regret and live in remorse. And some might even start to grumble, complain and blame.

One of my friend, she is on diet, she wanted to look slim and never take care of her health. She eat irregular, eating wrong food and occasional not eating. Of course, she can enjoy slim body. However, her action brings severe damage to her stomach. She is having severe gastric pain and she can’t digest food too. Imagine, if you can’t eat your food, how to get nutrient to support your body and mind? How to have a quality life by just maintaining “Slim” body and “low” energy? Is the external beauty more important than inner health?

When you have inner health, you are going to shine it through your external appearance too. You look more energetic, fresh and full of positive vibes. One of the good way to enjoy slim and beauty is through your right diet. I love macrobiotics way of living as I no need to cut down my food portion and yet enjoy weight lost and look more energetic. Perhaps, younger than my age.

Treasure your health by eating the right food. Always remember it take time to develop illness and never make any complain when you lost your health. You are what you eat!

Stay healthy, friends!


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