You are effecting your surrounding…

Are you aware that when you are stress, sad and tension, you are going to effect the surrounding environment? You are releasing negative energy without seeing it. It’s invisible yet it’s actually happening.

Recently, one of my friend is not happy and her negative energy bring noticeable changes in her little plant. Seeing is believing!

When you look at this, you know well what is happening...

When you look at this little plant, you know well what is happening…Your energy is effecting yourself and surrounding.

As such, be happy and continuously to shine positive vibes to your surrounding. Always remember you can make a difference. This is also one of the great way to benefit to all beings. Why not be happy?

Always remember that you are the nature of happiness. No one can take away your happiness except you, yourself.

Stay happy and well, friends!

Happy weekend! Smile always!




5 responses to “You are effecting your surrounding…

  1. This is so true! Your post reminded me of the experiments using water that dramatically revealed how water reacts to both positive and negative energy. If you’re interested, here’s a link to a YouTube video showing the result of experiments done by Dr. Emoto. 🙂

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