“Me time”

Enjoy Serenity with "Me Time".

Enjoy Serenity with “Me Time”.

Today, I had a chat with my friends. We are discussing about “Me time”. One of my friends who is married with a boy aged about 2 years old, she shared with us that it’s hardly she can enjoy “me time” as she is too busy to take care of her family and career.

She shared an example with us that she had dinner with her in law family after working and reached home about 9:30 pm. She need to take care of her son. What was happened last night, her son accidentally broke off a dragon fruit juice and she need to spend so much time to clean up the floor, her handbag and others. Once she finished all and got herself a bath, already almost 11 pm. She can only enjoy 10 mins “me time” in toilet before sleeping. To her, it’s so precious.

She continued that she is lucky if her boy still sleeping in the morning when she wake up, she can enjoy slightly more “me time” before go to work. What a big sacrifice that a mother need to make.

How precious to have “Me time”!!! No matter, you are single, married, how busy you are, please allocate “me time” in your life. You need to spend quiet time with yourself, the best moment to understand yourself better. “Me time”, it’s the best time to relax, recharge and refresh!!!


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