Sometimes, when we give a gift to other, we are so insisted that the party who receive it must express “gratitude”, “thankfulness” and they must “use” or “enjoy” the gift. If we encounter the gift being given away or the person not appreciated, we are “so sad”.Why are we react in such a way?

Think about it? Why are we so attached to “my Gift”? Always remember you are willing to give and sharing your unconditional love. You are not “force” by the receiver. As long as, you give your gift with happy thoughts and that’s all. Its irrelevant whatever happen next. Free yourself from all this irrelevant disturbances in life. Don’t ever act like the movie director.

My sister received a beautiful and cute ginger bread man.

My sister received a beautiful and cute ginger bread man.

Of course, we can enjoy this cookies together. However, we decided to give to our neighbour’s maid, she was a Christian. We believe she’ll be more happy and enjoy this yummy ginger bread. For us, we always think about others and not only “I”, “Me” and “Mine”. The more you focus on big picture, the more happy you are!

This Year, I received a very thoughtful and useful gift from a person that we only meet for second times. He was giving with happy heart, of course I am receiving with gratitude. He was giving away this useful gift to all guests who attend for the Christmas Potluck party. Well, this is another great lesson to learn, be generous, giving unconditional love and also gift that useful to the person who is going to receive.




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