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Let's make a promise that take good care and give unconditional love to our animal friends!

Let’s make a promise that take good care and give unconditional love to our animal friends!

Yesterday, I had coffee with one of my friend who never catch up for a few years.

She shared with me that she let go her business and take a long break to relax.  She is enjoying her life as in the past, she was extremely busy to take care her business and hardly to have time to slow down and reflect in her life.

Currently, she is so busy to take care of her lovely dogs, a boy about 12 years old, he lost his eyesight and totally blind, a girl about 10 years old. In the morning and evening, she’ll cook for her lovely dogs, feed them with fresh food instead of can food. She’ll accompany them to play and treated them just like her own children. When the “Boy” just lost his eyesight, he was doing his best to adjust his life. She mentioned, the “boy” will facing (look at) cabinet instead of looking at her, she was so sad when she saw this as he can’t see.

Some of her friend proposed to her why not put her boy “to sleep” to end his suffering. She said, she’ll never do that as she love them dearly and she is willing to take good care of them. She is not even go for any trip as she doesn’t want her little blind dog being “caged” in new environment. I am touched when I heard her way of treating animal friends, she treated them just like family members.

Of course, we know well that we can communicate with our animal friends even though we are using different language. There is no barrier for “Love”. She can understand easily on them and of course her lovely dogs also understand what she is saying. How beautiful!!!

Never abandon our animal friends when they are sick and aging. Always remember that we are celebrating our beautiful life together. Let’s do our best to take good care of them. They are not a burden but a great lesson for us to learn, to be patient, loving kindness, compassion and definitely a better person.






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